UND Swimwear

Our mission is to create value in an ethical and sustainable way. 
Our main focus is to create awarness in our community and to reduce environmental impact of our supply chain without compromising quality, style and performance. 
Ethical entrepreneurship as well as conscious individual behaviours could make a positive impact on our planet.

Sustainable suppliers

Our network of suppliers share with us a strong commitment toward sustainability. They all enroll efficiency program and investments in terms of water efficiency, renewable energy, waste management, low CO2 emission.

Recycled fibers

Choosing recycled fibers is the way. Waste is becoming a major issue for our planet, especially for the ocean. It is possible to reuse waste material like plastic to make products with better environmental value The Lycra used in our garments comes from plastics from the oceans and recycled in Italy.

Timeless and slow

We chose to create items with a minimal and timeless aesthetics, that last season after season without losing their original beauty. Our swimwear is designed to become part of your key items, not to be bought and replaced after one season only.

100% made in Italy

UND Swimwear products are manufactured between Como, Bergamo and Rimini, Italy. This reduce significantly the emission of CO2 due to transportation compared to production made in foreign countries.

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