Manta Collection is a swimwear line that is inspired by minimalism with a darker, anti-beach aesthetic. It was born when the designer was living in Florida and could not find a bathing suit that appealed to her. Everything on the market was either pink or brightly colored with feminine prints.There was something missing: understated swimwear that cared about design, in either a toned-down palette or black. This is when the idea for Manta Collection was first conceived.The designer, Janeane, then moved to Brooklyn for three years, working in women’s wear. After discovering she was pregnant, she and her husband- who is an artist and musician, decided to return to Florida. It was the perfect opportunity to turn Manta Collection from distant dream to reality. So, she quit her job, hit the road at 8 months pregnant, and started Manta.

Manta Collection is made entirely in the USA, working with a factory in South Florida. The fabric is high-end performance jersey milled in Italy, and uses 100% recycled polyamide fabrics. Manta Collection strives for hyper-transparency across the manufacturing chain, and wants to educate customers in their understanding of the garment industry and thereby empowering them to make informed choices on what they buy and why. We believe that every purchase that a customer makes is a vote for what they believe in. At Manta Collection, we believe in American production, putting people first (before fabric, before overhead costs- the most sustainable steps are the ones that are humanitarian and ensure that the makers of the garments are well paid and well taken care of), and the healthy empowerment of women by making them feel beautiful in swimwear no matter their body shape.