About us


Yoursbikini is at first a mindset, a philosophy of living!

Shouldn’t our main focus be protecting the people and the planet  that we all live on?

We are living in a society of consumerism, where we never have enough, where the consumer always wants more and needs to satisfy this desire. We are NOT acknowledging the way that all these products that we consume are created. We are completely disconnected from the production process behind the clothes that we were buying.

Yoursbikini is not an innovation – the buzz of the year! We are not creating a new concept here. But here at Yoursbikini our wish is to become a part of a new generation of consumerism,  we hope to be accepted in the beautiful family of the ethical fashion industry and alongside those already in the game, actually make a difference and impact for the greater good of our planet.. 

We are here for two reasons:

  • To help brands who are fair trade, organic, eco-friendly, small scale production and vegan Aiming to create maximum exposure to consumers. 
  •  To help consumers make eco friendly choices. How: Creating an easy user-friendly platform, providing consumers with  complete transparency of the products.

A platform where brands can support each other  without creating competition – because together our numbers can change the world.

Yoursbikini has the wish to not just be an e-commerce where you simply buy goods and move on with your day. We aim to create a place where we can be the information hub through all aspects of life  From the Fashion industry to cosmetics, natural suppliers and people making an impact in the industry…

Fast fashion is has-been

Join the movement, change the way that you choose products, not only for you but for your family, your friends and most import for the future of our planet and our population.

THe clock is ticking